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Samsung Appliances

samsung static_site
agency: skyword
samsung interactive guide
Samsung Appliances

The brief

I was hired by Skyword to build an interactive guide for Samsung, to visualise the connectivity and convenience of their home appliances for builders and promote the range of available smart appliances. Samsung Appliances bring intelligence and efficiency to everyday tasks; From futuristic fridges that keep track of groceries, to washing machines that optimise energy usage, Samsung Appliances strive to make our lives easier, and our homes smarter.

Working closely with the design and data visualisation team, we animated elements of the guide, infusing them with motion and interactivity to create a dynamic user experience. The collaboration between the team members allowed us to leverage our respective expertise and bring the guide to life in a visually compelling way, delivering an engaging and informative experience for Samsung’s audience.

Samsung Appliances Interactive Guide

The client

Skyword is a renowned content agency based in the United States, specializing in assisting brands in producing exceptional content at a large scale. Their extensive range of services encompasses content strategy, creation, and distribution, catering to diverse clients spanning across multiple industries. By emphasizing the art of storytelling and leveraging data-driven insights, Skyword enables brands to forge deeper connections with their target audiences, yielding impactful outcomes and tangible results.

Samsung Appliances Interactive Guide


Visual information designer Boris Benko and his team designed the guide and animated assets, which were provided to me as Lottie files to work with.

Technical details

I used the Pug template engine to build this interactive guide as a static site, with content stored within a YAML file, which allowed for easy editing and maintenance.

Samsung Appliances Interactive Guide