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Hello! I’m Amy, a Cardiff-based coffee-drinking, travel-loving, self-confessed geek that loves the Arctic.

Oh, and I’m a self-taught, freelance front-end developer with over 15 years’ experience.

about me

My web development journey began long before I realised. Neopets, anybody? I learned basic HTML on Neopets, an early 2000s life-simulation game. I’ve moved on a lot from virtual pet shopfronts and now I love front-end development – particularly inventive design systems, headless CMS, a bit of JAMstack and, of course, all things WordPress.

I started agency-side as a junior at a small creative agency, which is where I first began working with WordPress. As my skillset expanded, I joined larger development teams in digital agencies using enterprise CMS like Sitecore and Umbraco. It’s here that I learned more about processes and automation, which reflects in my work today – it allows me to write better code, and to code faster. And these days, I continue to build on my skills by regularly visiting conferences and experimenting with my own projects.

While I’m not Hekla-ing, you’re likely to find me taking photos, refuelling with coffee, on everyday adventures with my daughter – we love exploring – or playing wholesome, lifesim games. (Yes, I’m one of the people that racked up 1000+ hours on Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the pandemic.)

Amy Evans, director and front-end developer at Hekla
Amy Evans


Hekla is where I develop bespoke websites for creative brands and agencies. You’ll find me coding either from my desk in the co-working studio I am a member of, or really anywhere with coffee and wifi if I’m feeling adventurous.

I work with designers to convert designs into fast and functional WordPress websites that my clients can easily populate and customise. Whether you already have processes in place or are starting from scratch, I can adapt and slot right in to the flow.

remote working

Although Hekla is for the most part a one-woman-band, I have for the past five years worked in a co-working studio alongside other creatives. This is a setup that works well for me and has allowed me to be part of a supportive community. It also means I am surrounded by ready-made collaborators for the times it works best to join forces - such as for larger projects or when a project demands skills from multiple different disciplines. In short, although I generally work independently, I never feel like I am working on my own.

I love to travel (I may have a slight affinity for the cold) and one of the great things about being a developer is the flexibility it gives me to be able to do so. So, while you’ll mostly find me in my studio in Cardiff, you might also find me in Reykjavik, or hiking up a volcano, or even above the Arctic Circle.

Amy Evans

on my headphones

Loud music whilst coding is a must. These are the songs I've had on repeat lately.

find me elsewhere

I love to travel and take photos. Follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to when my out of office is on.

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