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GE Electric

ge static_site
agency: skyword
General Electric

The brief

I had the opportunity to work with Skyword on an exciting project for GE Healthcare. My task was to convert an infographic, originally intended for print, into a fully responsive web page. This piece would serve as a valuable resource for clinicians and be featured on GE Healthcare’s Clinical View website. We ensured that the website not only maintained the visual appeal of the original design but also provided an intuitive and user-friendly experience across various devices. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to such a vital platform for clinicians worldwide.

Clinical View is a resource by clinicians for clinicians from GE Healthcare, a leading global provider of medical imaging equipment, technologies, and solutions. GE Healthcare is a subsidiary of General Electric (GE).

GE Healthcare infographic

The client

Skyword is a leading content agency based in the United States, specialising in empowering brands to produce compelling and impactful content at scale. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses content strategy, creation, and distribution, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With an unwavering focus on the art of storytelling and leveraging data-driven insights, Skyword enables brands to forge deeper connections with their target audiences and achieve measurable business outcomes.

Technical details

A static site generator (SSG) is a web development tool that creates fast and secure websites by generating pre-rendered web pages served as static files. In this project, I utilized a Pug/YAML SSG and provided the compiled HTML and CSS files, enabling seamless integration of the content into the client’s chosen CMS.

GE Healthcare infographic, mobile
GE Healthcare infographic
GE Healthcare infographic mobile